What Happened to All the Guests on the Adam Carolla Show?

Reviewing, even commenting on, the Adam Carolla Show feels a bit hacky. I guess blogging on podcasts in general is a bit hacky. But what are you gonna do?


It’s like critiquing Chick-fil-A for a bunch of foodies; in many ways Carolla’s podcast stands as the definitive success model for the medium. Everyone’s heard of it, and it remains a quality piece of R-rated programming. But I have to say it: what happened to all the awesome guests?

Carolla summed it up in a recent episode when he revealed he was thrilled when guests used to cancel on Loveline. It seems he was always more comfortable just cracking wise with Dr. Drew. Well, he may be getting too comfortable again.

When you look at Carolla’s now behemoth operation, recorded in a state-of-the-art studio and supported by about a dozen sponsors, a host of other shows on his network,  a successful liquor, a few best-selling books, a never-ending tour of live dates, and an upcoming motion picture, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why his “pirate ship” has become a big commercial and little else.

What we’ve all seen happen to the show over the years is not necessarily by design, but it’s completely obvious when you look at its trajectory. This is far from a sell-out accusation, or a “their first two albums were so much better” statement. Carolla and company are as funny as they ever were — still firing on all cylinders in that department; it’s the structure of the show that seems to be wanting these days.

To establish listenership, Carolla, with the help of former producer, Donny Misraje, corralled a cavalcade of B-listers to bolster downloads and iTunes reviews. With the help of Carolla’s substantial terrestrial fanbase, The Adam Carolla Podcast soared to the top of the iTunes charts. There was a new guest every day, and they were good guests. It was very dirty, and very entertaining.

The guests are few and far between these days though. With Misraje now long gone, and currently embroiled in a lawsuit with Carolla, the show has fallen back on the terrestrial format, wherein calls from listeners are taken every episode, and the guests are less guests than they are regular bit players. Though the go-tos (David Wild, Joe Koy, and David Alan Grier) are all great, they feel more like recurring characters than content purveyors. Its a very terrestrial play.

I’m not in any way attributing the show’s lapse in quality to Misraje’s absence. However, hiring someone over at Carolla digital who pushes back every now and then may not be a bad idea at this juncture.


10 thoughts on “What Happened to All the Guests on the Adam Carolla Show?

  1. Are you Donny’s lawyer ? The podcast is great the show is Adam and the gang talking the guest is a small part of the show ,get it on.

  2. Do the math, it’s the largest pod cast in the world. Your obviously a liberal hater that can’t keep from speaking about it yourself. Your opening lines are telling, trying to convince yourself it’s not worthy of discussion. ACE 1 studios is relevant, bothers hacks like yourself, and makes the larger media hordes piss on themselves because there are a new breed of conservatives that know how to play the left’s game. Entertain and educate. Right John Stewart? News flash, ACE is not trying to stock his lineup with liberal A listers. He has plenty of them appreciating his courage, unfortunately they don’t have this attribute. Alec Baldwin and others are great exceptions. By the way, you hate him because he’s a right wing conservative, but he and many of us are just middle of the road logical types, you “guys” have taken the trip to Red country to sit in a Vietnamese Howitzer!

  3. I have listen to almost every Adam Corolla Show and Adam and Drew Show. It is my opinion that you don’t need anybody else in the show because Adam is the show. The Adam an Drew show should really be called the Other Adam Corolla Show because like i said he is the show. They don’t need guest, and to tell you the truth if Coy goes every day that would actually make the show better. Adam corolla has built an empire around his name and his personality, and is the king of podcast. His podcast has been named podcast of the year a few times for a reason. There is nothing wrong with his show, and if you want to see guest watch The View.

  4. Brandon-cool your schizo jets. Just because someone criticizes the ACEMAN doesn’t make him a liberal (or a conservative or a duck for that matter). Carolla is both producer AND talent and I agree with the author. Carolla’s worst attributes are sometimes not held in check by the yes-men that surround him.

    • Brian seems to hold his own; but, this isn’t improve . Alison needs to stop agreeing and hold adam accountable when he goes off the rails . Still love the show. But I’ll look for an interesting guest before I listen. Adam has gotten too bitter or I’m tired of the same routines.

      Template: robin from howard stern

    • I agree with the author, I am a huge fan of the ACE MAN, but he needs to surround himself with someone (or multiple people) that are willing to say no to him. Gary and Chris seem like great producers and board ops, but they simply are to afraid, it seems, to say anything but yes to Adam. Even on some of the Dr. Drew podcasts; Drew has noticed that Adam has gotten a lot more controlling and angry as the years have progressed. I don’t know, I have stopped listening to the Adam podcast and stick to, at most the Adam and Dr. Drew pod. Some guests and Dr. Drew is able to calm Adam down a bit.

  5. I dont agree with the author or you Donny M. Ive been a long time listener of the podcast and i dont think the guests USED to be better. The show is better in every way than the day i started listening to it. And yes that includes being better produced Donny M.

  6. The author is being too kind. The Adam Carolla Podcast has degenerated into a tired Morning Zoo. It’s just a platform for commercials and whatever crap he’s personally trying to foist on his sycophant listeners. This could be anything from his books which contain stories that he has said on air 7882 times or his “stand up” dates where he tells the same stories he has said on air 7882 times. Maybe he’ll do the “complain about” routine which is horrible and boring. Or maybe he’ll slime his listeners for money to fund some pile of garbage movie no one will go to see.

  7. Adam Corolla is SUCH a bore. They fired him from his radio show cause he’s as dry as a blowtorch (and that’s why he didn’t get a late night show after The Man Show as oppesod to his co-host, Jimmy Kimmel). I wouldn’t imagine ANYONE listening, or worse, PAYING/Advertising on his show. I’ve already heard 6 and a half minutes of this video, and still have NO CLUE what he’s talking about, with his lame joke of his grandfather being a blogger/podcaster and football, eating ostrich burger, or a cow, etc.. etc.. nothing but a bunch of lame jokes. Someone ought to tell him to go back to carpentry! We’re too smart to even crack a smile for his lame jokes. And look at the interviewer, she seems so bored, yet she’s forcing a nervous smile here and there as courtesy

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