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Kulap Vilaysack is Making a Movie

“Your Kuku, Kulap Vilaysack” will be on temporary hiatus from “Who Charted?” while she returns to her parents’ native Laos to film an important segment of the documentary she’s been working on for the past year or so. You’ve probably heard mention of her project if you’re a Chartist, but in episode 172, titled “Savor this Kulap While You Can,” we get a real taste of how legit this thing really is.

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Kulap’s movie takes a look at her complex childhood, where a strained relationship with a gambling-addicted mother and an absent biological father led her to the beautifully eclectic life she leads today. One would assume it goes into her childhood in Minnesota, her rebellious teenage years, and the strain her mother’s behavior put on the entire family.

This is not the first time Vilaysack will have been MIA to work on her documentary. Last year she was out of the office for two weeks, presumably filming in Minnesota. She was cryptic about the goings on during that excursion, but she’s increasingly open about the strained relationship with her mother and the unfolding drama that is her father’s family in Laos. (Turns out she has three sisters she’s never met.)

Her film crew is in the studio this go round with the hosts, just filming away. So not only do we get to hear more details about her project, we get to hear–what I’m assuming–will be a pivotal part of the film: a voice mail from her father.

The VPN – To Watch or Not to Watch

I’m all about theater of the mind. Corny expression I know, but I like to create the pictures in my head. Podcasts are for listening, not watching. BUT! I also like to keep an open mind. And I’m naturally curious. So, after a year of procrastinating, I decided to watch one of my favorite podcasts, Who Charted? on the Video Podcast Network (VPN).

The VPN was founded by Adam Carolla, Earwolf, and the Big Three. It’s the first “fully realized network to offer all its comedic partners complete creative autonomy.”

What will probably surprise you is the production value. The intro is straight-up cinematic.

I’m not sure glitzy visuals are a good thing, though. I think Maron has ruined it for me. I want all of my podcasts to be recorded in a garage or basement. Low lighting, and cigarette smoke are also cool. Radio studios aren’t lit well, and they don’t scream ambiance.

Howard Kremer’s face is a little distracting too. I’m sure I’m not the first to notice his crazy eyes.

Anyway, I can say I’ve done it now.

Summah Semantics – Episode 133

A sleep-deprived Kulap and a characteristically not-so-lucid Wi Wi interview Georgia Hardstark ¬†and Alie Ward known for their “Slumber Party” podcast on Feral Audio. These two have a Cooking Channel show in the works, which makes sense; they found “fame” in online video with a vast array of odd recipes. Below is one of their more famous concoctions: