Occasionally I get the privilege to chat with podcasters–big ones and little ones, figuratively speaking.

Check in from time. I typically put up one new interview a week. Click here to peruse the archive.

A Chat with Cole Stratton of “Pop My Culture”

Pop My Culture may cover ephemeral subject matter, but this “weekly-ish” podcast, hosted by comedians Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland, manages to simultaneously nail funny and topical every time I listen.   Recently, one of the hosts, Cole Stratton (also co-founder of SF Sketchfest), answered a few questions for me about his show and why he does what he does. How’d […]

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Carmody Central Podcast – Interview with Jenn Carmody

The Carmody Central Podcast is a lifestyle podcast covering all things culture. There’s sex, comedy, even existential dialogue. Host, Jennifer Carmody brings in a guest, like comedian Colin Quinn, and they schmooze and kvetch for an hour. But it was her show with comedian Jim Norton (as Chip Chipperson) that really put her on the map. Carmody can […]

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Chris Enns hosts multiple podcasts, so many in fact he had to start his own network: Goodstuff was launched by Enns, Adam Clark, and Tim Smith in early 2014. The programing comfortably inhabits the sweet spot between technology and culture without alienating non-techs or indoor kids — to borrow a term. Enns put the mic away for a few […]

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