Marco Arment’s “Overcast”

Marco Arment basically invented read-it-later publishing on iOS with Instapaper. But with podcast applications he’s playing catch up. The challenge here is innovation and differentiation. I wrote about this app when word got out he was building it, and I’m revisiting it post launch.

Overcast  Podcast Player on the App Store on iTunes


Arment’s app, Overcast joins the already crowded Podcast application category. And what makes success in this area even more difficult is that Apple now offers its own free solution, which is markedly better than previous incarnations the company put out.

The driving component behind Overcast is simplicity. The design is thoughtful and Arment’s signature language is all over the interface language. Prompters like “no pressure” and “Skeptics FAQs” make it very him.

It offers all the bells and whistles users have come to expect, and you can also import subscriptions form other catchers, which I appreciate immensely. The interface is understated, and there is an amazing EQ, the likes of which I’ve never encountered with apps like Overcast.

There’s Twitter API integration as well, which allows you to suggest show favorites to friends. And the show notes seem to be more present somehow than in other applications. I actually look at them on Overcast.

I’ve yet to see any major flaws with this one, and anything that could be a potential shortcoming could arguably be seen as a plus for others. A lot of subjectivity here. I’m on board. Let me know what you think.

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Snap Judgement – Striker

Again, I’m happy to say an episode of Snap Judgement left me completely satisfied. This is a near-perfect anthology-style radio program – a profile piece aggregator I’m always happy to listen to. These are the kind of tales you’ve heard after your companion hit his or her stride at a bar – and found that entertaining sweet spot somewhere between beer one and total blotto.



There is one thing about the show that could use a tune up. The intros can be corny, and normally I’m fine with corny. But I don’t want to cringe before I start listening to a show. No spoilers here, but the word “badonkadonk,” was used. This was certainly a testosterone themed episode, but badonkadonk?

In Snap Judgenment #516, Striker, your intrepid host Glynn Washington, introduces us to Mark Sayer, a Thai Boxer, that wound up doing battle in a Thai prison under questionable circumstances.

Then we heard from Harry Redknapp, a would-be soccer hooligan plucked from the stands to play for West Ham United. This one had a twist.

And finally, we heard from George Garrett. This was the most emotional of the stories. It speaks to the need men have to prove themselves physically, why they do it, and what can happen in extreme circumstances – when someone defines themselves as a scrapper not to be trifled with.

Another great one here.

Road Hard with Adam Carolla Hits Theaters…

road hard cast and release date

When and Where Can We See the New Adam Carolla Movie, Road Hard?

When’s the new Adam Carolla movie Road Hard hitting the big screen you ask? Let’s say October 4th. Okay, that was a total guess. And I have no idea about distribution either. This one may be a direct to DVDer. Can’t say. But I figured I’d rant about it for a few paragraphs anyway, as no other podcasts have inspired me this week.

Following the critical praise/acclaim of Carolla’s debut feature, The Hammer, it was pretty obvious he’d make another movie. When this guy pulls something off, he likes to keep at it until the fans tag out. (He’s written like five books about basically the same thing.) But I don’t know anyone who would take issue with a solidly funded, well cast flick, though.  Plus, he has chops. The Hammer was a solid B plus.

Following a very successful FundAnything campaign, and a video featuring Bryan Cranston, where he exceeded his $1 million goal, Carolla announced his cast: Illeana Douglas, Diane Farr, David Alan Grier, Dave Koechner, super producer Phil Rosenthal, Dana Gould, and Larry Miller are all on the call sheet. And I think Howie Mandel and Alison Rosen, Carolla’s intrepid news girl, also make an appearance.

Here’s the story:

Co-written by Carolla and Kevin Hench, Road Hard follows the misadventures of the recently divorced Carolla’s character Bruce Madsen, who still lives in ex-wife (Douglas’s) guest house. Farr plays a love interest for Carolla’s character, and Grier is a fellow comedian. Larry Miller is perfectly cast as an agent.

We shall see if this one dodges the sophomore slump. Not that that’s a thing with movies; I just like alliteration.