The Film Vault – Top 5 Movie Bands

This week on The Film Vault, Anderson and Bryan talked movie bands. Admittedly, I was bit wary when the title surfaced in my feed–not the best top five they’ve ever come up with, but I turned the corner soon after the show’s “flickfessions” segment. Lots of bands I forgot, and a few I never thought of as “bands.” Both hosts were firing on all cylinders, and the¬†rapport was filled with as much tongue-in-cheek acrimony as Vault fans have come to expect.

I can’t say there were a ton of surprises as far as the top five were concerned. One tiny spoil: kudos to Anderson’s “Berserker” pick from Clerks.

However, there is one band they overlooked. And maybe that’s because the band has no name (as far as I can tell). Johnny Suede was a little slice of superficial, fifties-era cool, starring a young Brad Pitt and an equally young Catherine Keener.

Not a great film, but there was this song. Brad Pitt and a lineup including the incomparable Samuel L. Jackson embraced the “loud,¬† quiet, loud” structure championed by bands like the Pixies and Nirvana, and they did it with Ricky Nelson’s panache. It holds up in my opinion and deserved an honorable mention at least.

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