I think “comeback” is the wrong expression to use when discussing ’90s mega comic Andrew Dice Clay’s brief but welcome resurgence as himself on HBO’s Entourage. It was nice to see him again: the fashion faux pas, the affected misogyny, even the antiquated one-liners. Yep, THAT was nice. I just listened to his new podcast, though.

andrew dice clay podcast

Rollin with Dice and Wheels is Clay’s uneven attempt at internet radio. One could surmise  his successful appearances on WTF and The Carolla Show, wherein he revealed the human being behind the biker jacket with the shoulder pads, inspired this unfortunate decision. He proved he could be likable, genuine, schtickless, funny even. Which is precisely why Rollin misses the mark.

His co-host  Michael “Wheels” Parise comes off as a Dice lackey basking in the fading wake of a gifted semi-famous comedian; he’s crasser than Clay and less funny. You can do the math.

All in all, this unfortunate hour could’ve been great had its host taken a chance and gone off script. But to the listeners dismay, most of the show is Dice dropping a sex joke and Parise tagging it. Not funny. And I like dirty jokes. The veneer does occasionally crack, giving us a glimpse into the man’s neuroses, but not enough. Unfortunately, Rollin maxes out at mailed-in dick jokes. 

I really wanted to be pleasantly surprised with this one. I just can’t recommend it though. Sorry, Dice; you may want to think about streamlining this one.