It’s hard to talk about Comedy Bang Bang without mentioning its IFC incarnation, but those of us who’ve been around the podcast block a few times remember its progenitor, Comedy Death Ray.

comedy bang bang weird al paul f

Weird Al Yankovic, Scott Aukerman, Paul F. Tompkins

Over the years, this comedy mainstay has blossomed into an entire network (Earwolf), which is now home to several successful shows: Sklarboro Country and Who Charted? to name a few.

I’ve watched the IFC version a few times, and despite the occasional gifted guest and of course, Reggie Watts, the show misses the mark.

Much of what makes the audio version so great is the improv–the weird characters who drop by the studio. Seth Morris’s inimitable Bob Ducca is now legendary. Unfortunately, the script gets in the way of the comedy on the television show. We kind of lose the theater of the mind shiz that makes the podcast so awesome.

When I checked back in for this week’s episode, I was pleased to hear the gang was still kicking out the jams. Weird Al Yankovic, a show regular, returned to talk with Aukerman about his upcoming album, and Paul F. Tompkins (also a regular) dropped in to reprise his role as Alan Thicke. It was a perfect episode. Like the good ol’ days. “Two Als for the price of one.” Check it out.