Here we have another show whose host is the driving force behind an internet phenomenon. Freddie Wong’s RocketJump is a multimedia entertainment juggernaut with a full serving of everything “internets.”

Facerocker chris hardwick

Not unlike the Rooster Teeth Podcast, these are twenty somethings taking on film and TV like only a millennial could. The Facerocker podcast is just a course in the meal that is RocketJump’s burgeoning online community geek lifestyle website, complete with several web series, a glutton of YouTube videos, a blog, and the aforementioned podcast.

Apparently the show is a partner piece of sorts to RJ’s flagship series, Video Game High School. They talk film-making, technology, and entertainment in general, ad nauseam. I could be wrong, but I think the hosts are a revolving cast of VGHS players and producers, with Wong helming the operation. It’s a little loose, but if you’re a fan of Nerdist or RT Podcast, I’m guessing this show is the perfect hybrid for you.

I can’t say I was completely engaged, but it was the kind of background noise that makes you giggle, and you don’t mind checking in on every five minutes or so while you’re working or driving.