I’m not a “gamer” per se.  I’m not a “gamer” at all actually. I do understand the draw and escapism these intricate digital realms provide people. I just don’t have 642 hours to master Assassin’s Creed IV or Doki Doki Universe. I’m open to new experiences, like listening to podcasts about video game consoles, though. The Game|Life Podcast has Wired.com behind it, so I figured it was a quality jumping off point.

First impressions: lots of enthusiasm. Founder and editor of Game|Life, Chris Kohler does not half-step.


This was the first episode of the new year, and the discussion surrounded virtual reality headsets, specifically the Oculus “Crystal Cove” prototype (pictured). I think it’s also known as Oculus Rift. Here’s what I learned:

The new demo is not unlike Oculus’s 2013 demo, in that the player provides an immersive, 360-degree, visual/aural experience. but Epic’s  new prototype ups the ante: apparently you don’t need a controller to move anymore. There’s an externally mounted camera that tracks you with small LED lights.  Apparently, the frightening world of Lawnmower Man, starring Jeff Fahey, is now a reality.

And… I’m exhausted. I’m sure this is a quality podcast. The hosts are clever, and abundantly qualified. If you’re into games, it should be right up your alley, and you’re probably already aware of this show. If you’re not into games, you’ll probably be happier elsewhere, where the words “6-DOF tracking” are never mentioned.