Obviously the title was what grabbed me when I was trolling iTunes for new shows. You’re intrigued too, right? I also smelled funny. The only review less than five stars looked like this:

giant korean head review

Then, I cracked open my first episode: #2 Swooping and Pooping with Khoi Uong.  Here’s what I heard: “Donna would never do that. Esai Morales is a convincing motherfucker.” And that was my introduction to Giant Korean Head.  And I was down. I also like La Bamba un-ironically.

But that intro was kind of the apex as far as I could tell. It sounded to me like orchestrated gabbing. Like two guys at a coffee shop being prompted to break down little things that happened in their lives. Lots of coughing too. Chris Yun, the show’s host is a prolific, highly-respected, graphic designer. He played and integral role in Apple’s distinctive packaging design–you know those well-built boxes you don’t want to throw away after you booted up your first iPod back in the day. And I’m assuming this show is geared for those more aesthetically inclined.

This episode was two former co-workers/friends talking about their lives. It was very inside, and very mundane. It was very Brooklyn, for lack of a better descriptor. And maybe that’s why this show is buzz-worthy. But I couldn’t stick with it. I had to call it a day nine minutes in.  I’m not got giving up on it just yet though. There’s something unmistakably enticing about it. I’ll get back to you after I’ve logged a few more. I have a felling it ‘s going to grow on me. Esai Morales would want it that way.