Dan Harmon is a concept man and a top-notch comedy writer.

He co-created several Channel 101 shows, not to mention Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program. His body of work is LARGE and impressive. We can also thank Harmon for Community, a show he was let go from, and subsequently rehired on this year.


He took his sensibility and forum-oriented format to the NerdMelt Theater and turned it into a podcast. His internet followers found it immediately. At the podcast’s onset, he played up the defeated, comedic tragedy that many perceived to be his show business life without discussing his acrimonious departure from Community.  It made  for some good pod.

This podcast is for Harmon fans. The jokes are quite often inside, but they most certainly satiate his minions.

I listened to an episode early on in the show’s incarnation, and I liked the writer’s room, rapid-fire assessment of all things pop culture. I rediscovered Harmontown earlier this week, and it still speaks predominantly to his fans.

In episode 75, Selling Like Hot Snakes, along with his former writing partner, Rob Schrab, he talks about Reddit, spontaneous combustion, and peed pants. Same vibe, just a touch sunnier than it was two year ago somehow.