podcast-657a52005e8441f85f80d49a05af98a4Hosted by Aaron Lammer, Max Linsky, and Evan Ratliff, The Longform Podcast is a weekly convo with writers. True to Longform.org the website, the podcast revolves around non-fiction from around the web. It’s about story telling, but true stories, and the process authors go through to create them.

Pulitzer Prize winning correspondent for The New York Times Amy Harmon was my jumping off point for this show. She wrote a story about genetically modified organism (GMOs), a controversial subject involving food. Personally, I think the topic is a snooze fest. An opinion both the host and the guest seemed to have agreed with at one point or another. But this hour-long show was not supposed to be about GMOs as much as it was to be about Harmon’s investigative journey.

The show maintains its low-key, public-radio vibe throughout. The production is minimalistic, a style I’m fine with; aside from an obligatory Squarespace spot, it’s just raw dialogue. So that dialogue should be really strong, right?  Well, it’s no secret writers do not necessarily make for engaging broadcasters.

Unfortunately, I felt like jumping ship about ten minutes into this episode. And I think it’s important to note, this is the only episode I’ve listened to. My boredom could simply be the effect of some blah subject matter. And that’s no slight on Harmon. She’s an undeniably gifted writer. But I think hearing a review of her story would’ve been more entertaining.

The verdict: It felt like I was supposed to be learning something. Emphasis on ‘supposed to be.’ I do plan to give this show another shot.