Earwolf has another podcast with a stellar name attached to it, or names in this instance. Topics is a not a comedy podcast though, and the hosts, Micheal Ian Black and Michael Showalter take great pride in that. According to their auto-reply email, “if something funny happens, that’s fine. Even encouraged. It’s always great to have a big belly laugh.” But this is not a bit session.

The idea with this one is to peel the layers off subjects and get “deep up in some big ideas.”  They respond to listener questions, and pontificate. And who better to pontificate than these guys. They’re both brainy and insightful.

Some of the big questions they’ll tackle: What is the nature of love? Is time travel possible? and of course, Does God exist? The show officially launches on the lupine network February 11, but the episode I found on Earwolf’s site is no. 28. Either ep.  28 is the new ep. 0, or there was a “soft launch” elsewhere before they got in bed with Aukerman. Either way, I’m jazzed.