This entire article is going to have a real “old people be hatin’” vibe. Fair warning.

I don’t listen to music podcasts really. It doesn’t align itself with the medium in my opinion. And here’s something else about me you probably couldn’t care less about: I don’t get EDM. Not a dancer. Getting pretty old. Don’t lose myself in the rhythm or subscribe to MDMA culture. BUT…


I like to keep my options open. I like to listen to new things; so I decided to check out Monstercat Podcast, a popular show espousing the wonder and magic of electronic dance music. Sigh.

Monstercat Podcast is a weekly show featuring non-stop dance music mixes. It’s supposedly  “Perfect to get you hyped for the weekend.”

“Taking you on a journey” comes in over the electro-saturated bumper music at the show’s onset. Then the music starts. And as far as I can tell the music doesn’t stop, so no false advertising on that front. I’d be out of my depth critiquing the quality of these “songs”. I haven’t listened to enough to be critical. What I can rant about is the genre as a whole.

So the kids love this shit, and traditionally history has sided with the kids on a particular genre’s viability. After all, it was the kids who championed hip-hop, rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, and punk rock. And that stuff’s great, isn’t it? Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps that stuff resonates because it’s fans aged out the detractors. There’s no one left to hate on it. Today’s 70 somethings grew up on rock ‘n’ roll. The people who called it ‘noise’ aren’t around anymore to point out its flaws.

My guess is today’s generation of EDM enthusiasts will be able to reconcile the rainbow face paint and the brogressive fist pumping. The pacifiers and the Vick’s inhalers will also get there due I assume. And in 25 years, EDM will see cultural comeuppance.

But I just don’t get it. It sounds soooo cheap. Like jokey cheap. I understand why someone may get a thrill from the driving thump that follows the pregnant “drop” in every EDM set. But what else is there? Other than it goes well with the drugs.

I hear no adversity. No angst. No counter-cultural flavor. And if a blaring absence of edge and vim makes for a good Friday night these days when you’re 20, who am I to judge. But I liked scarey music when I was a kid. I wanted it to piss people off. And after listening to Monstercat Podcast, I am far from pissed. Or intrigued. Or “hyped for the weekend.”

To quote  The Miami New Times: It ain’t easy being hard when you’re rolling face, hugging a Care Bear.