A little background on Rooster Teeth Productions. It’s a production studio and multi-channel network specializing in live action shorts and animated content. They parody first-person shooter games, the most notable of which is Red vs. Blue. They’re a clever bunch, and their shows are very popular. As is their podcast.


But if you’re looking for narrative arch, you’re not going to find it here. The RT Podcast is a group of friends kvetching about random ephemera. I was under the impression they covered movies and gaming. Maybe they touched on those things. Can’t say. They talk really fast.  A lot of voices, coming at you at varying levels, and at varying degrees of intensity and passion. These are funny people, with a lot to say. I can’t say I get it though.

I’m assuming this podcast is just a glimpse into an established lexicon with all kinds of reference points and inside information I’m not privy to. Sure, they talk about pop culture. And that’s accessible for most of us, but this show is a hit because the company is a hit. Nothing wrong with that. Seriously. Many great podcasts are based on much less. This one’s just not for me right now. Maybe I’ll revisit it in a couple months and reassess. Maybe I won’t.