KevinSmithI haven’t listened to Kevin Smith’s podcast, SModcast, with longtime cohort Scott Mosier in awhile, like two years. In fact, the last time I heard from Smith was on the Adam Carolla show; the two podcast titans squared off about a deal between them that went sour. It made for a very uncomfortable, albeit titillating, hour and a half.

His podcast, unlike his work behind the camera, wasn’t my cup of tea. It was funny, but too consistently low brow. Kevin Smith is 42 years old, super smart, and capable of some next-level anthropological observation. But his show felt like pandering.

Recently, he announced he was debuting yet another podcast. (His network is home to more than 30 shows.) Episode One of his latest premiered today. It’s to be called Edumacation. Unfortunate title, but it peaked my interest. The host suggested his new offering would cover the heady stuff; with special guest Andy McElfresh, he would delve into life’s more cerebral nooks and crannies.

First impressions: the recurring, punctuated tick of Smith’s lighter was embarrassing. Maybe it’s a thing his loyal listeners appreciate. But again, Kevin Smith is 42 years old. The subsequent coughing fits were straight up silly. It’s just marijuana, man, and yes, we know you smoke it now.

What Stuck with Me

All of that aside, the show was good. The content was insightful and interesting. McElfresh kicked it off with prosopagnosia, or face blindness, a purported disease where people don’t recognize or remember the facial features of others. Brad Pitt claims to have it.

Smith peppered the conversation with jokes, funny jokes. And despite his affected stoner drawl, the conversation was compelling. It got deep, too. Near death experiences were even discussed. And abrupt transitions into wife problems were made. And don’t worry, SModco fans, Smith tags half of his comments with motion picture and/or superhero gags. Lines like “turns out I’m a Jar Jar” are plentiful.