What’s the best time to listen to podcasts, you ask? Or maybe you don’t ask. Maybe you’ve discovered the perfect daily interludes to stream whatever shows keep you afloat.

Everyday, my Instacast  app feeds me a new series of podcasts. There they are just waiting to be had. Lots of them. I can’t hear them all. It’s audio triage in a way. I have my routine, as I’m sure you do. And I’ve found a way to squeeze my favs into a week. Here’s what works for me:

  • Whilst running — we’ve established that I like to run, and went into great detail why podcasts have kept me running. This is how I start many of my days. Podcasts are my morning paper.
  • On the drive way to work — if you’re trying to focus, or if you’re just trying to drown out all of the other human beings going through the motions alongside you. Podcast listening en route is where it’s at.
  • At the grocery store — probably frowned upon, but everybody needs a little reflection time. Why not regard your soul in the aisles as you fill your cart with organic macaroni and cheese. $3.19 a pop by the way.
  • On the train to work — I probably covered this in the “on the drive to work” bullet, but this is another no-brainer. Let’s face it: 7:30 AM isn’t “strike up a conversation with the stranger sitting way too close to you” time. Hide behind those earphones on the subway. They say “I can’t hear a word, nor do I want to” loud and clear.

Now you tell me: When do you listen?