That’s right; another Film Vault post. I apologize, but I have to pontificate about my Friday indulgence to someone.

106-main-photoThis episode covered 10 movies Anderson and Bryan saw expecting little more than confection. They even thought some of these were going to be awful.

My intent is not to reveal the movies they listed. Spoilers are a no-go on Film Vault. I’m more comfortable commenting on the tone of the episode.

Bryan did have a little overlap from his “Baldywood” segment on The Adam Carolla Show, but no harm no foul there. Asides were made about Ben Affleck’s future turn as Batman, as was Bryan’s class with Leonard Maltin. Again, no spoilers, but Happy Texas was mentioned, and one host thought it was worthy while another host thought it was unremarkable but quirky. The same host confessed he may’ve been drunk when he saw the film.

Though the guys are at the top of their comedic game (despite Bryan having chemotherapy earlier in the day), the movies were, coincidentally, not surprising choices despite the episode’s title. But maybe that’s just because my cinematic taste lines up so perfectly with the hosts’.

One thing in particular that continues to impress me is how well Bryan and Anderson handle their ad spots. They don’t try to integrate them or insult the listener’s intelligence. They’re funny, but they’re commercials, and they aren’t embedded in the conversation like some of the other bigger operations.

Another great episode.