the film vault

The Film Vault’s Bryan Bishop and Anderson Cowan

I love movies. Most people love movies in fact. I don’t love sports; though less predictable than most feature films, the average athletic match lacks the narrative arc I require to be entertained. Another detractor would have to be my whole not-drinking hang up. I don’t imbibe anymore, and that can make football super boring.

So movies have become my paramount indulgence; that, and writing to you, fellow podcast listener. When conversations hit that too-long, wordless pause, I frequently jump to the last movie I saw to rekindle the dialogue.  I can bond about a shared love for a particular film. For example, I’m always going to warm up to someone who still likes Nicholas Cage because he played Sailor Ripley in “Wild at Heart.” On the other side of the coin, I’ll box out a person who hates him because of “National Treasure.”

So imagine how happy I was to find a podcast with hosts whose taste lined up with mine. “Bald” Bryan Bishop, sound-effect side kick, of podcast titan Adam Carolla, and “Love Line” sound engineer and co-host of The After Disaster, Anderson Cowan, put together a wonderful little show called The Film Vault a few years back, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

These two wise-cracking movie nuts, have an affable smart-ass quality I find completely familiar. It’s like listening to my buddies hash it out about “The Fifth Element” some random hungover Sunday with nothing but a TV, about quarter-bag of marijuana and a lot of false confidence.

Here’s the thing though: Bishop is articulate and insightful, and Cowan has excellent taste and a film school background (I’ve yet to disagree with one of his reviews). Episodes drop every Friday, and my Netflix queue gets updated every Saturday. If you like the flicks, and you’re having a hard time finding like minds in your day to day, check this distraction out. You’ll thank me: The Film Vault