If you’ve listened to The Film Vault (TFV), you probably know there’s a man behind the curtain, keeping host Anderson and Bryan on task.

At once, producer, media coordinator, sound engineer, fact checker, webmaster, and on-air “chimer-in,” Logan Moy is a busy guy, privy to the ins and outs of podcastia.


He started his stint in podcasts with the Adam Carolla Show (back when it was the Adam Carolla Podcast) several years ago and helmed the Carolla Digital incarnation of TFV.

Moy was there when TFV was canceled, and he was there when it was reborn independently months later. He graciously answered a few questions for me about life with TFV, his past, and what he hopes his future holds.


  • When and how did you enter the world of podcasting?

After graduating high school I went to college to study film production. At the time, my goal was to help make movies some day.

However, I’ve always had a love for talk radio, but never thought it was a wise career path considering the diminishing state of the radio industry. A little while after having a conversation discussing my interests and goals with a friend of a family member that had worked with Adam Carolla on The Man Show, I got an e-mail asking if I had any interest in interning on Carolla’s podcast.

Shortly after starting, I fell in love with the medium and the seemingly endless possibilities it had. It didn’t take long for the internship to turn into a job because of my prior two years of work experience in public access television.

  • You’re an integral part of TFV. What exactly does it take to get the show up and running every week?

I usually start the week off by updating spreadsheets regarding download numbers and advertising revenue, and make my social media plan for the week (i.e. which days I will post certain things on Twitter and Facebook at times people are more likely to be on social media).

Throughout the week I am constantly responding to e-mails from listeners and organizing things like music submissions, fan art, and topic suggestions, as well as communicating show ideas with the hosts, Bryan and Anderson, and reading listener comments.

About an hour or two before we meet to record, I prepare a one-sheet with plugs, featured artist information, and sponsorship talking points for Bryan and Anderson, as well as choose the music for that week’s episode and compile the Listener Top 5.

Upon arriving at the studio to record, I print out any notes and the week’s list of purchases from our Amazon click-through for Bryan and Anderson. During the recording I monitor audio levels, keep track of which movies Anderson and Bryan are talking about, and work on updates to the website for the episode’s release on Friday.

The post production process is about as time consuming as the actual recording of the show despite not altering any segments of the show. The music is not recorded on the same track as Anderson and Bryan’s mics during the show so that I can insert it in post with cleaner transitions. After the show is edited, I encode it, upload it to our content management system, and finish updating the website.

Friday mornings I make my promotional posts on social media for the new episode, and soon after that forget about the episode and start thinking about the next one.

Phew, [saying] it all out makes me realize I need to be bumped up to 20%.

  • Who came up with the unsigned artist segment on the show?

As much as I would like to take credit for the “Featured Artist” idea, being the music lover that I am, the credit deserves to go to Anderson. After recording the first couple episodes of The Film Vault, Anderson had the idea when we were struggling to come up with a variety of music we could legally use without paying for it, but it’s been mutually beneficial for us and the musicians we’ve featured.

  • What was the last movie you saw, and what did you think?

The last movie I saw in theaters was Pacific Rim (for the 2nd time). Although I admit it’s not a great movie as far as the acting and story go, I had so much fun watching it that any of its shortcomings could be forgiven in my opinion.

I’m also on a mission to chip away at my Netflix queue by watching the movies in order, without skipping any. Because of that, I recently watched a movie with Jeff Daniels called Paper Man that I didn’t enjoy very much.

  • I assume your daily schedule involves more than the The Film Vault. Is school still on the docket? What else do you have cooking?

Despite the premonitions that kept me from originally pursuing a career in radio, I work at CBS Radio as a board operator and news production coordinator for KNX 10.70 Newsradio. Because I dropped out of college to work at the Carolla Show, I’ve been slowly finishing up my bachelor’s degree by taking a couple classes a semester at Cal State University of Fullerton.

I also take any freelance work I can get producing digital videos and have been talking with a couple different people about producing another podcast soon.

  • After TFV left ACE broadcasting, there was a lot of speculation as to what happened. I beliveve Anderson said it had a lot to do with you getting let go. But we never really heard from you. What actually happened?

Part of the reason TFV left ACE Broadcasting was because of my departure from the company. However, legally I’m not allowed to publicly talk about what happened. I will say that I am still friends, or at least on good terms, with almost everyone that still works at Carolla Digital, including Adam.

  • Your podcast, “Save it for Air” is a breezy potpourri of talking points. It’s funny and approachable. Do you like being behind the mic, and why don’t you and Katie do more?

I do enjoy being behind the mic from time to time, but I’m the first to admit that I don’t think I’m very good at it. Katie and I started Save It For Air because we spent so much time watching other people talk on a microphone, we thought it would be fun to do it ourselves.

It also serves as a great way to remain relevant in the podcasting world, and maintain a group of listeners that would be interested in checking out other projects we work on.We don’t record more often because Katie and I both have very busy schedules and we rarely have times where we’re both free to record while the studio we record at is open.

  • What podcasts do YOU listen to?

Lately, I haven’t been listening to podcasts very much. Because I spend my entire day listening to people talk on radio and podcasts, all I want to do when I get in my car is relax and listen to music. However, I absolutely love WTF with Marc Maron and have listened to every episode since I discovered it back when Maron was a guest on Carolla’s podcast back in 2009.

When I was listening to more podcasts I really enjoyed This American Life, Radiolab, and Doug Loves Movies.

  • Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

In 15 years I would like to be in a position where people trust and respect my thoughts and decisions based on the years of experience I have working in new media while the medium was still establishing itself. There’s no telling where radio or podcasting will be 15 years from now, but I hope to still be making a contribution to a program that entertains listeners or viewers.

I would also like a swimming pool full of gold coins a la Scrooge McDuck.


Here, here, sir. You can follow Logan on Twitter @LoganMoy or listen to him weekly on The Film Vault with Bryan Bishop and Anderson Cowan.