In one of the more abject TSWIs I’ve listened to, Jonathan Grubert spoke with Meron Estefanos, an Eritrean journalist, who was raised in Sweden.

Eritrea is a country in the Horn of Africa; it’s bordered by Sudan to the west and Ethiopia to the south. In 2010, Reporters Without Borders ranked the media environment there at the bottom of a list of 178 countries, just below North Korea. What’s more, human trafficking is a looming reality in Eritrea. Brutalization, sexual exploitation and forced-labor have torn the country apart.

Thousands of Eritrean refugees are fleeing to Sudan and Israel to improve their lives. Sadly, Bedouins prey on these people, forcing them into unspeakable situations.

Meron speaks with these enslaved refugees over the phone and, with her radio show, broadcasts their pleas for help. Here’s a clip from her documentary.

I’ve heard this story before on another podcast. But Grubert dives deeper. As magnanimous as the guest on this TSWI is, the host asks the tough questions and never loses sight of the story, despite the harsh subject matter.

Great episode, but nary a rainbow or puppy  in sight. Not for sensitive listener by any means.