I’m a couple episodes behind on what has become a go-to show in my feed. In episode 5, TSWI’s host, Jonathan Groubert, talked to Inna Scehchenko, leader of the Russian “sextremist” group, FEMEN—a protest movement where female sexuality is used to confront Russia’s inherently patriarchal government.

It’s a non-violent, but aggressive (some might say exploitative) form of provocation, aimed at what many believe to be a chauvinistic “old politics” system.  But there’s no escaping one little detail–their boobs are hanging out when they do it.


Putin is confronted by a FEMEN protestor

This radical feminist protest organization has inspired as much devotion and support as it has outrage. Scehchenko is articulate and devoted, and in an attempt to instill the seriousness with which these activists take their plight, Groubert buries the lead a bit (the whole topless thing), and explores the history of anti-feminism in Russia through the eyes of his guest.

I quickly moved past the nudity and saw the complexity of the issue. FEMEN and other Russian feminist groups face challenges most Westerners have put in the rear view. It’s an intriguing story with a unexpected turn, and I was happy I listened. Again.