Steve Austin has a podcast — a listenable, humorous, often insightful podcast. Those familiar with the “Stone Cold” era of WWF, will instantly fall in step with the affected gruffness and personable drawl of Austin’s voice. But what might surprise is the preparation this former wrestling phenom puts into each episode. They drop twice a week, and he does his homework for every guest. And these are some great guests.

Steve Austin

Those less familiar with professional wrestling may need a little time to get used to his deer-huntin’, truck-drivin’, no-shit takin’ personality. But the content speaks for itself. He asks good questions, and he tells good stories, a talent he undoubtedly honed during his WWF days. What you’re going to get a lot of on The Steve Austin Show is wrestling history. It’s well out of Vince McMahon’s jurisdiction, though. You get the real story without the spin. Ric Flair was a guest. The effing “Nature Boy” himself sat down for a two-episode arc.

Expect More in Upcoming Episodes

You may be tempted to paint Austin into a corner. Don’t do it. He can chew the fat with David Lee Roth just as adeptly as he can with Samoa Joe. I’m guessing as the podcast finds its pace, the variety of guests will become essential to its success. There are only so many Hacksaw Jim Duggans out there. I don’t think he’ll alienate his wrestling core demo, but reach is everything in this game.

So ditch the preconceived notions and take a listen. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.