This week, the guys purged–’twas bitter sweet. One of TFV’s pillars is Bryan Bishop’s ability to ruffle the feathers of his easily ruffable cohost. He simply peppers his commentary with an autobot or two, and Anderson loses his proverbial s. But no more. That’s right; Transformers cannot reside in any top-five lists–sort of.

Transformers Film Vault

Anderson and Bryan were allowed to pick, along with the listeners (via Twitter), five films to ban from each other’s future lists–Anderson’s idea of course.

Flickfessions, the show’s first act, dissected the M. Night Shyamalan backlash phenomenon; specifically, why Rotten Tomatoes doused Will Smith and Shyamalan’s dystopian summer offering, After Earth. The critic’s score is holding steady at 11 percent. That’s certified rotten if you’re unfamiliar with the “science” behind this popular site. Anderson and Bryan both gave the movie a resounding so-so, a rating that accurately reflected the general audience’s (49 percent). Insight abounded.

As the show unfolded, we said goodbye to several mainstays that’ve been with TFV since it’s formative days on the Carolla network. Among them, Platoon, Gangs of New York, The Muppet Movie, and The Manchurian Candidate. As for Transformers, Anderson did include it in his list; but he only noted one of the films in this hulking Hasbro oeuvre. The jury’s still out as to whether Bryan can legally inject one of the remaining umpteenth pictures into a future list. Honorable mentions will undoubtedly be rife with them over the next couple of weeks.

Another great episode. And thank you, listeners, for ousting Buffalo 66. Forgive me, Anderson.