William Shatner is 83 years old. And I hope I sound like he does should octogenarianism (made up word) be a thing I understand first hand some day. Suprisingly, Shatner had never done Nerdist before, and even more suprisingly, Matt Mira, the show’s intrepid Star Trek enthusiast, was nowhere to be found on this epic episode.

shatner nerdist

Given the archetypal understanding of all things nerdy, Shatner was long overdue for an appearance. But had he been on the show three years ago, the conversation would’ve probably panned to preconceived notions about listenership and what they want to hear from their guests.

This episode took an entirely different turn than I expected it to; Hardwick just let Bill do his thing. Kirk barely came up. They  talked about life and what transpired stuck with me for days. Sure, some of the things I assumed about Shatner’s personality were substantiated, but what I didn’t know about him, and how he thinks, really made me like him. Steady as she goes, Mr. Shatner.