If you’re a Prime Video user and episodic content is your thing, you’re in luck. The relatively new streaming service is catching up with  (even surpassing) Netflix and Hulu with original content. Here are out favorite shows:

Amazon Prime’s Best Shows

1. Catastrophe

The Catastrophe television series on Amazon Prime certainly provides viewers with an intense on-screen catastrophe. The series is based on a romantic-comedy that transforms average people into something a little bit more meaningful. Along the way, you’ll see several adult topics covered, including unplanned pregnancies and the challenges of marriage.

2. The Terror

The Terror is an exploration series that focuses on Japanese explorers that are making their way into uncharted regions. With a mix of horror, mystery, and exploration, The Terror is sure to provide viewers with a mixed range of emotions, but viewers will have to determine for themselves how exactly they will react to the on-screen actions that take place in this particular series.

3. Bosch

It seems like people truly love a good detective series, and that is exactly what you are going to get when watching Bosch on Amazon Prime. The series focuses on detective Harry Bosch, who has to balance through a wide range of emotions throughout the series. His detective talents are useful to himself and the people around him, but there are certain reasons that Bosch will never truly be like anyone else.

4. The Expanse

The Expanse is an intense science-fiction television series that focuses on the colonization of the solar system. Solar forces find themselves in a diplomatic clash that could spark war between space forces, but this mixture of emotion and mystery will keep viewers on the edge of their seat as they watch this series expand into something special across multiple seasons.

5. The Man in the High Castle

Could you imagine an alternate history of World War 2? If you could, then you might be familiar with some of the ideas that are presented in The Man in the High Castle. Imagine a world where Japan and Germany annexed the United States of America, because that is exactly what you will see as you watch this incredible series.

6. The Tick

The Tick has to be considered as one of the best Amazon Prime shows. While it was cancelled swiftly after just two seasons, it did feature funny comic book superhero characters that combat a common villain in their own jurisdiction.

7. Undone

Undone explores the possibility of a special woman that discovers she can manipulate the very fabric of space-time. Will she travel to the past and investigate important moments from her past, or will she choose to use this special power for other personal reasons? Viewers will learn the answer swiftly as they watch this interesting series on Amazon Prime.

8. Homecoming

Homecoming utilized mysterious elements and a mix of intensity to build important relationships between characters. The plot takes a primary focus towards a mysterious army rehab center, but the true purpose of this facility could be significantly different that originally thought.

9. Transparent

Transparent follows two siblings who have to contemplate with the possibility of their very own father wanting to transform into a woman. You’ll see humor, excitement, and transparency as you start to watch this top-rated Amazon Prime television series.

10. A Very English Scandal

Diplomatic scandals are always controversial, especially when they are brought to public knowledge. A Very English Scandal focuses on a major sex scandal in the UK Parliament. There are several reasons that viewers will fall in love with this series, but the solid mix of emotions will certainly throw most viewers into a state of excitement and confusion.