Nobody will blame you if you need a break from the news these days. Listening to a comedy podcast is a great way to get your mind off of everyday life. There is no shortage of amazing podcasts that are sure to make you laugh. Here are five of the funniest comedy podcasts to fire up the next time that you need to smile.

Wooden Overcoats: For the ultimate in audio storytelling, be sure to check out the comedy of Wooden Overcoats. This podcast follows the owners of Funn Funerals, Rudyard and Antigone Funn. While the sibling team had once been the only game in town, they are quickly disheveled when Eric Chapman opens a competing funeral home across the road. The duo tries their best to thwart the efforts of the competition, however, the plan runs into a snag when Antigone begins to develop feelings for Eric. Each episode lasts approximately 30 minutes and is summed up with individual story arcs that all work together to create a deeper narrative.

Gay Future: Set in the year 2062, this futuristic podcast will make you laugh until you cry. The queer comedy mini-series follows the release of an adult fiction book. The mini-series centers on a plot in which all of the characters are gay with the exception of a straight hero. This hilarious parody will keep you on the edge of your seat as it elevates even the most mundane concepts to hyperbolic satire that is also a commentary on the times.

HORSE: Sports fans will delight in this podcast that blends comedy with basketball. This podcast is described by its producers as being about all things NBA except for the actual sport of basketball. Listeners will enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the league and its unique culture. Hosts Eric Silver and Mike Schubert work together beautifully to make every episode fun and enlightening. You may not learn how to sharpen your own hoops skills listening to this podcast, but you are sure to have a good time along the way.

Spirits: Step into the other side with a listen of Spirits, consistently talked about as one of the funniest comedy podcasts. Hosts Amanda and Julie spend the time discussing a riveting legend or spooky story, spinning tales that you will not be able to turn off. While the stories in themselves are entertaining, it is the connection between these two great friends that keep listeners hooked. The two work together in perfect tandem to deliver stories in a unique presentation.

Punch Up the Jam: Add some beat to your day by listening to the Punch Up the Jam podcast. Hosts Demi Adejuyigbe and Miel Breduow masterfully select a famous song and dive deep into its meaning, history, and more before attempting to improve it. These two musicians then create a delightful parody that is equally impressive and silly. You can skim the catalog to find songs that you know to make it more meaningful to you.