Over the years, the podcast has played an essential role as a medium of information. Stuff You Should Know is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most significant podcast shows hosted by Charles W. Bryant and Josh Clark. Famously known as the SYSK show, it is aired three times a week and discusses new topics in every podcast. Their topics range from fashion to politics or everything that you need to know. The host’s good rapport has helped the show to win numerous podcast awards. Here are the top 5 best stuff episodes that you should know.

5. What is Fascism?
(March 11, 2010)
In this episode, Chuck and Josh give an insight of what fascism is. The hosts provide the idea of the core tenants of fascism, and the misconceptions surrounding the fascism. In this episode, the host discusses the role of war in a fascist society. The episode is an exciting topic that you should consider listening to.

4. The Black Panther Party
(February 16, 2017)
The hosts of this episode cover the story of young black men who wanted to protect themselves and other people of their race from police brutality that was taking place in the 1960s. These young men formed s Black Panther party that would protect them from police harassment. The Panther was later declared to be among the notorious group that misunderstood the civil rights given. The group was very turbulent in American history.

3. How the Voynich Manuscript Works
(November 12, 2015)
In this episode, Josh and Chuck discuss the most indecipherable manuscript so far. The language remains a mystery. The wild plants and creatures add the dilemma. The stories of this book are said to have been there since the 1600s. However, the actual origin, age and purpose remain to be a mystery.

2. Vocal Fry and Other Speech Trends
(October 22, 2015)
This episode covers the story of opera vocalists and singers in metal bands, and they are not the only people responsible for their voices. The story illustrates how vocal fry is real but sparks a high amount of gender and age-based controversy. The story explains how pitching or up speak of your voice ends each sentence with a question mark. The hosts elaborate the story in a natural language that everyone can understand.

1. How the Electoral College Works
(August 28, 2012)
This episode covers the electoral process of the United States. Unlike many democratic countries, the United States president is not directly elected by its citizens. Josh and Chunk state that the presidential electoral process is one of the first things that differentiate the British Parliamentary system and the American Presidential System. This episode digs deep into how the electoral college of this country was set and why it was set up that way. The founding fathers were afraid of developed democracy, which is why it was set up like that. The hosts give an example of how President Donald Trump won despite his opponent having more votes than him.

If you want to know about many stories about politics, chaos theory El Nino, and many others, these are among the best stuff you should know episodes shared by Josh and Chunk.