I used to be 24.

I used to work evenings, at a bar four days a week. The rest of my week was wiiiiide open. So what did I do with all of that glorious free time? Pursue lofty intellectutal endeavors? Tackle personal career goals? Embrace the night life my buzzing metropolis had to offer? Occasionally. But mostly I just sat around with my dude friends and watched TV. And what did we watch you ask? Mythbusters was certainly a favorite, at least for the first two or three seasons.

My familiarity with Discovery’s urban myth debunker is probably why it was so easy for me to fall back in step with Adam Savage’s friendly, mildly narcissistic cadence.

Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project is part of Jaimie Hyneman and Savage’s Tested Network. They have a glut of videos and other shareable content. It’s a pop culture treasure trove.

On the podcast, Savage is joined by Will Smith and Norman Chan, savvy tech and culture experts who seem to be the gas in Tested’s tank. It would be easy call this show “nerd culture;” but I think we’re all over that aren’t we? It’s getting to where I ignore any new content provider that has the word “nerd” or “geek” in it. Untitled gets it right. Taking a page from Patton Oswalt, the show is about passion. And those passions could be anything: cooking, coffee, crosswords. Like most podcasts, this show boils down to engaging conversation.

Sure these hosts are fresh off a Comic-Con, and they talk about LEGOs, Oculus, and 3D printing, but they’re also pros, and they can keep the convo lively. Plus, there’s the fact that you get to listen to the guy who created this place: