Options in WordPress themes are plentiful. That’s why finding good ones can feel like quite a tall order. If you want to take full advantage of all of the best WordPress theme options out there, then you should look at some of the more popular choices available. The more research you do, the easier it will be for you to find and use a WordPress theme that’s fully in line with your objectives and preferences. You never have to settle for a WordPress theme that’s not up to par.

1. Ultra

Ultra is the name of a WordPress theme that was put together by Themify. People are fans of Ultra for an abundance of reasons. It’s a theme that can manage a broad range of applications, first of all. It can simplify the process of rapidly and efficiently making a website “come to life.” It’s also a theme that’s remarkably adaptable. People who want to launch responsive sites can turn to Ultra. The same thing goes for people who want to steep the ship as far as footers, headers and anything else go. Ultra can do a lot for people who want to show off their design abilities. It presents users with a wealth of layout choices. People adore Ultra’s counter, countdown and more.

2. Astra


Astra is often considered to be the ideal WordPress theme for websites that run the gamut. It’s a theme that can come in handy for people who like being able to tailor things to their specific preferences and objectives. It’s a chic WordPress theme that operates in a swift and efficient fashion. People who use Astra can take advantage of numerous choices in demonstrations. Once they import demonstrations, they can move forward with the tailoring process. This is a sophisticated theme for people who are on the lookout for options that are suitable for search engine optimization strategies. Speed is Astra’s focal point.

3. Divi

People often wax poetic about Divi and all of its possibilities. Divi functions a WordPress theme, first and foremost. Beyond that, it’s an in-depth system that enables users to design and tailor any and all elements of their sites. Divi can work like a charm for people who are passionate about themes that are highly nuanced in their approaches. The team members at Elegant Themes are the ones who are behind the launching of Divi.

What makes Divi stand out? Divi utilizes a form of visual builder technology that’s contemporary and streamlined. It can be suitable for users who have all kinds of experience levels. It can suit tyros. It even even suit seasoned design aficionados.

4. Beaver Builder

People who are searching high and low for page builders that are part of the “drag and drop” category often cannot resist the charms of Beaver Builder. Beaver Builder can come in handy for individuals who want to rapidly create aesthetically pleasing sites that also happen to be responsive. It empowers people who want to rapidly get on track to site launching. It can be appropriate for users who are seasoned. It can be just as appropriate for people who are mostly unfamiliar with the ins and outs of WordPress use.

People often indicate that Beaver Builder is in no way, shape or form a standard WordPress theme. They indicate that it’s an extensive plug-in that manages all kinds of page builder requests. It can be fitting in conjunction with WordPress theme choices without exception. It can be helpful to people who want to be able to utilize layouts of all sorts.

5. StudioPress

StudioPress is a big force in the vast universe of WordPress theme choices. People who register for WP Engine plans can get their hands on Studiopress themes. They can get their hands on the famed Genesis arrangement, too. Users who want to be able to secure endless licenses often are major fans of StudioPress. The same thing applies to users who want to reap the rewards of endless upgrades. StudioPress is an option that can be a lifesaver for individuals who want to streamline the management of editing. It can be just as big a lifesaver for individuals who want to streamline design matters that relate to content. StudioPress is beloved among people who like to utilize themes that are suitable for search engine optimization practices and missions.

6. OceanWP

OceanWP is the name of a complimentary WordPress theme that has the ability to tackle a broad assortment of applications for users. It streamlines things for people who want to be able to put together eye-catching and memorable sites. It streamlines things for those who want to put together sites that are one-of-a-kind as well. It’s a light theme that can be beneficial for people who want to master the art of setting up sites that span many diverse categories. People appreciate the fact that OceanWP has all kinds of imaginative components on its side. They can easily and confidently use it in conjunction with the well-known WooCommerce. It accommodates prominent page builders like Elementor and the previously mentioned Beaver Builder.

There are all sorts of boons that are linked to OceanWP use. OceanWP gives users tailored header layouts. It gives them widgets that they can tailor as they desire. It gives them endless thrilling color choices. It even gives them the ease of image sliders.

7. Avada

Avada has the distinction of being among the most renowned WordPress themes out there. It’s equipped with more than 255 page designs that were created in advance. It’s equipped with more than 40 websites that include the works, too. Avada can be favorable for users who want to kick things off rapidly and without doubting themselves. It has a demonstration installer that simplifies the journey of getting content that’s premade running.

Avada can do a lot for people who want to be able to pick between seemingly endless website tailoring choices. It can be suitable for use alongside first-rate WordPress themes without any exceptions. This theme has been taking the WordPress world by storm since its introduction all the way back in the late summer of 2012. There are many individuals who believe that Avada has a lot in common with Divi. Avada is a theme that’s able to rack up substantial numbers of sales.

8. Hestia

Hestia is a contemporary WordPress theme that’s a strong match for all the consummate professionals of the world. It can be appropriate for businesses that cover many bases. It can do a lot for businesses that are on the innovative side. It can do a lot for businesses that are particularly small. Hestia can even be favorable for people who are part of the freelance sector. It doesn’t matter if you need to create a website that’s for a wedding planning agency, an eatery, a digital firm, a health center, a corporation, a startup organization or anything else. The cooperation of Hestia may be able to improve your site management tasks dramatically.

People cherish Hestia for a plenitude of meaningful reasons. This theme features an updated interface that’s a cinch to utilize. This interface happens to have aesthetic appeal in droves as well. This one-page option can be advantageous to people who wish to steer clear of themes that are comparatively perplexing.

This is a template that can be terrific for WooCommerce buffs. Since it’s suitable for WooCommerce enthusiasts, it can work out well for individuals who want to be able to launch shops of their own using the Internet. It can be helpful for people who want to be able to tackle a wide range of translating matters. It can be just as helpful to those who want to make the most out of search engine optimization approaches. Learning how to navigate the fundamentals and intricacies of Hestia isn’t something that’s stressful or that requires a substantial time commitment.

9. X Theme

X is a WordPress theme that has been gaining a lot of traction in the website creation world in recent times, and with rock-solid reasoning. X or “X Theme” is a Themeforest theme that has seemingly endless numbers of devotees. It features the ease of a drag and drop builder. Beyond that, it features global blocks and even a template manager. People can utilize the blocks for a dazzling range of design applications.

X has full site demonstrations on hand for all of its users. It has structural arrangements that people can rely on any time they want to kick things off rapidly. It can do a lot for sites that represent musical acts, firms, food organizations and the whole nine yards. People who want to be able to revel in many choices in world-class plug-ins often get a lot out of X use. If you want to relish the joys of tailored backgrounds and headers, then the use of this theme may work out in your favor. It can even assist bloggers with all kinds of requirements and requests.

10. Exponent

Exponent has the distinction of being among the most aesthetically pleasing WordPress theme options that are suitable for driven businesses. It features a minimum of 20 demonstration templates. People can depend on these templates any time they want to introduce websites that accommodate all of their preferences well. It can do a lot for people who want to rapidly make sites come to fruition. It has a demonstration content import device that revolves around single clicks. If you want to be able to dazzle people with an operational website, the only thing you have to do is focus on picture and copy replacement.

This is a theme that can be useful for people who speak all kinds of languages. If you want to create a website that caters to people who speak numerous languages, Exponent can get you on the right track. It can help users with everything from fonts to the handling of colors.

11. Soledad

Soledad is all about the blog magazine division. People can buy this theme straight from Themeforest. Buyers get more than 1,000 different sliders and arrangements for magazines and blogs. That isn’t where things end, either. Users can take advantage of numerous templates that can come in handy for single postings. If you want to wow your audience with memorable tales, these templates can be a big asset to you. Soledad gives people support from AMP or “Accelerated Mobile Pages.” AMP is a system that enables apps and browsers to rapidly load the blog postings that are accessible via their websites. People can load these postings using their mobile devices. Soledad can be helpful to people who want to savor tailoring that doesn’t seem to end. It accommodates plug-ins for page editing such as Elementor.

12. Authority Pro

Authority Pro is a respected WordPress theme that manages numerous applications. It prioritizes freelancers, business owners and bloggers galore. It’s associated with the robust Genesis Framework. If you purchase Authority Pro, then you can receive a homepage setup that revolves around widgets. You can receive a theme choices section and even a header that you can tweak and enhance. Authority Pro can work well alongside WooCommerce. People can also utilize it with a number of other distinguished WordPress plug-ins. This is a theme that puts a lot of attention into optimization matters. It empowers blogs that want to strengthen credibility considerably. It’s a theme that can be beneficial for businesses that want to be able to generate more leads on a daily basis.

13. Storefront

Storefront is the basic WordPress theme that works well for the WooCommerce plug-in. It was put together by the power players who develop things for WooCommerce. People who want to integrate effortlessly into the WordPress world may appreciate Storefront and all of its possibilities. It gives users various color and layout choices. People can utilize them as a means of differentiating their stores. This e-commerce has a design approach that’s basic and simple in feel.

14. GridLove

GridLove is a sophisticated theme that is appropriate for news sites, personal blogs, publishers, editors and magazines all at the same time. It enables users to accentuate various posts that are on their homepages. People who use GridLove can revel in numerous templates that can help them with postings and widgets. It makes a convenient theme for fans of plug-ins including Jetpack and Yoast SEO.

15. Grace Mag Pro

Grace Mag Pro is a highly regarded WordPress theme that is centered around the magazine sector. People who get Grace Mag Pro can utilize a demonstration content importer that revolves around a single click. This importer streamlines things for people who want to be able to emulate the demonstration design approaches that are on hand on their websites. It delights people with all kinds of intricate typography choices. It can do a lot for users who want to manage layouts for archives, blog postings and more.

16. Mantra News

Mantra News is a news theme for WordPress. It has an approach that’s reminiscent of magazines. Users can get their hands on headers that they can tailor as they wish. They can utilize social media icons, category sliders and advertisement placement options, too. This is a theme that can be suitable for fans of Google fonts, customized widgets and even parallax scrolling.

17. Responsive Pro

Responsive Pro is a theme that can be ideal for users who are all about tailoring their sites. It can be a big help regardless of network speed. People who have to rely on sluggish networks should not steer clear of Responsive Pro. It opens people up to templates that can make website creation a lot simpler. It opens them up to layout choices that they can easily and rapidly customize, too.

18. Shopstar!

Shopstar! is a shopping theme that’s optimal for people who believe in the saying “less is more.” If you want to construct a fashion site, it can help you. It can help you construct a blog. It can even help you construct a shop on the Internet. It empowers businesses that want their loyal customers to be able to assess products at length.

19. Shoppe

Shoppe is a respectable WooCommerce theme that enables people to put together e-commerce sites that are professional and thorough. It enables them to do so rapidly, too. It’s basically brimming with all kinds of thrilling e-commerce components. It has “quick search.” Shoppe presents people with more than 60 standard layouts. Many classify it as being among the best WordPress themes for shopping applications.

20. Foodica

Foodica, true to its name, is a big force among people who are trying to launch blogs that revolve around the universe of food. It can be an asset for people who want to launch sites that are centered around meal recipes. It can be one for people who appreciate AdSense as well. It presents users with a number of banner spots that can be useful for monetization.