I know this is very old news, but people are still searching for it, so here we go. After six months together, Marc Maron and Moon Unit Zappa called it quits in 2014.

On episode 493 with Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus, Maron announced, as he has in the past, the dissolution of another romantic relationship. There was no melodrama. Maron made note of the situation respectfully and moved on.

As a regular listener of many podcasts, I get acquainted with the hosts. I notice when things feel off. Sure, some of these guys are pros, and you wouldn’t know it if their brother had died minutes before air time. But Maron wears his heart on his sleeve.

At one point in yesterday’s WTF, he eluded that he may be more capable of healthy intimacy with his podcast audience than he is with another single human being. I doubt that’s the case, but again, I bet his fans saw this news coming weeks ago.

He’s been dropping little hints not dissimilar to, though much less evocative, his breakup with his former girlfriend Jessica. He’s mentioned fights with Zappa, and the romantic sentimental observations all but disappeared. But what do I know? One can only speculate what ended their relationship.

By the way, I love Pavement, and would’ve really enjoyed writing about Malkmus had this not come up. What can I say, I’m a slave to impression volume. And while I have you, please be sure to check out our new article on cheap voice over do’s and don’ts