History shows that in ancient times, humans were fascinated with subjects such as life after death and ghosts. And modern audiences often watch popular shows such as Ghost Adventures for a peek into the paranormal world. If you’re interested in all things paranormal, you can add podcasts to the list of ways to quench your thirst for the supernatural.

Here are three of the best paranormal podcasts currently available. All of the podcasts mentioned below are available on Spotify, but you can also check alternatives such as Stitcher and Apple Podcasts.

1. Last Podcast on the Left
Last Podcast on the Left discuss everything from haunted houses to true-crime mysteries. New podcast episodes are released weekly. And episodes range in length from one hour to two hours. There’s a steady stream of content to keep you entertained for hours.

The style of the podcast is a bit edgy. The hosts are comfortable showcasing their dark humor. And some listeners might find the banter inappropriate. The hosts aren’t concerned with being politically correct, so you might hear an occasional offensive joke. But all jokes aside, the hosts are serious about their topics and perform thorough research.
Last Podcast on the Left is a perfect blend of the paranormal and true-life mysteries.

2. The NoSleep Podcast
NoSleep is the perfect podcast for people who love scary stories. All of the stories are fiction, but deal with supernatural and paranormal subjects. The addition of spooky music adds the perfect atmosphere for a night of spooky listening.

As its name suggests, NoSleep is a podcast intended to keep you awake at night. The episodes vary in length. An episode might last an hour or go on for two hours or longer. The podcast uses professional voice actors and narration to present its stories. If you’ve ever listened to old-time radio horror broadcasts, such as Lights Out, then you’ll feel right at home with NoSleep.

The stories themselves are written by volunteers on Reddit. Writers submit their stories, and NoSleep decides which stories to present on the podcast. Dozens of stories are submitted everyday. So if you want NoSleep to consider your story, prepare to possibly wait at least a month before a response.

NoSleep is a good choice when you want to end your night with a spooky tale.

3. This Paranormal Life
This Paranormal Life is a podcast that discusses a different paranormal mystery on every episode. The podcast received a best entertainment award from the British Podcast Awards in 2019.

The podcast takes a serious look at mysteries you might not hear about elsewhere. They discuss various cases, and try to discover if the incidents are truly paranormal or easily explained. They also narrate each story to make it a bit more engaging.

You can hear discussions about everything from aliens buried in Texas to dog possession. Although the hosts do have their humorous moments, they are serious about the discussions. Episodes range in length from an hour to 45 minutes.

This Paranormal Life is good listening for mystery sleuths who also love the paranormal.

Choose Your Podcast

These are three of the best paranormal podcasts freely available. So you can start listening right away. You might even want to splurge and binge listen to several episodes!