Again, I’m happy to say an episode of Snap Judgement left me completely satisfied. This is a near-perfect anthology-style radio program – a profile piece aggregator I’m always happy to listen to. These are the kind of tales you’ve heard after your companion hit his or her stride at a bar – and found that entertaining sweet spot somewhere between beer one and total blotto.



There is one thing about the show that could use a tune up. The intros can be corny, and normally I’m fine with corny. But I don’t want to cringe before I start listening to a show. No spoilers here, but the word “badonkadonk,” was used. This was certainly a testosterone themed episode, but badonkadonk?

In Snap Judgenment #516, Striker, your intrepid host Glynn Washington, introduces us to Mark Sayer, a Thai Boxer, that wound up doing battle in a Thai prison under questionable circumstances.

Then we heard from Harry Redknapp, a would-be soccer hooligan plucked from the stands to play for West Ham United. This one had a twist.

And finally, we heard from George Garrett. This was the most emotional of the stories. It speaks to the need men have to prove themselves physically, why they do it, and what can happen in extreme circumstances – when someone defines themselves as a scrapper not to be trifled with.

Another great one here.