If you are ever feeling uneducated, you could always open up a podcast app on your smart device and find an educational podcast to pique your interests. After all, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to answer that one question during trivia with friends that no one else seems to know. If you aren’t well versed in the art of podcasts, we have you covered on some of the best educational podcasts around.

One of the most popular educational podcasts around is Stuff You Should Know and for a good reason. This podcast has been around for a decade and informs listeners about science, pop culture, history, and various other topics. Chances are if you have wondered about a certain subject, chances are (SYSK) podcasts hosts Chuck Bryant, and Josh Clark have discussed it at length in one of their one thousand episodes available.

If you are a feminist and interested in strong women throughout history, there is the perfect podcast for you. Encyclopedia Womannica covers some of the most important women throughout history with a broad scope of different cultures and points throughout important periods. Encyclopedia Wommannica is especially beneficial for those that have a short attention span. With a new episode dropping every weekday, listeners only have to give their undivided attention for up to 5 minutes. These episodes are not only short, but they are the perfect length for anyone one-the-go.

Unfortunately, as a society, we are going to have to face climate change one way or another before we completely irreversibly damage the Earth. Luckily trying to figure out more information about climate change is a way you can help. If you are someone that would like to know more about the history and impact of climate change, you should give the podcast Climate Cast a listen. This particular podcast is hosted by MPR’s Cheif Meteorologist Paul Huttner, who has included impressive and knowledgeable guests like Al Gore and various others.

If you have ever known someone that has gone through the prison system, you probably are aware of the fractures that occur within the cell walls. Ear Hustle is a podcast that discusses what happens and has happened within the walls of the San Quentin State Prison. This podcast doesn’t address particular crimes, per se. Instead, it discusses the complexities of life behind bars. It also broaches the topic of being on the outside and how hard it is for the formerly incarcerated to find gainful employment. This podcast is one of the best educational podcasts to listen to because it will not only invoke an emotional reaction but often, the episodes are hilarious and informative.

Have you ever wondered about a particular piece of architecture while traveling? You are not alone. 99% invisible is one of the best educational podcasts for those that want to know about the different wonders of the world and answers the question as to why they were constructed in the first place. This podcast is extremely popular amongst intellectuals around the world because it covers an array of topics that pique their interests. For example, 99% Invisible discusses the McMansion phenomenon with a lengthy episode. Be sure to tune in if you have any curiosity about a building you have seen while traveling because chances are, they have discussed it at length.