When you can’t watch a movie, imagine being able to listen to the film and enjoying it. This fantastic idea has birthed and led to the growth of movie podcasts, where people get to talk and bring real actors to discuss the movies and real-life issues. If you are a film lover who wants to catch up and laugh along to the aspiring screenwriter looking for inspiration, we have highlighted the best movie podcasts.
We wouldn’t be providing a service if we didn’t include two of this author’s favorite film podcasts, The Film Vault, and How Did This Get Made. In fact, had this not been a list born of consensus, they would definitely be on here. Oh well, these are all great too.

1. The Movies That Made Me

Hosted by screenwriter Josh Olson and director Joe Dante, this podcast brings actors, screenwriters, and filmmakers to discuss films that changed their worlds. Listeners hear the hosts and guests talk about the life-changing moments they are passionate about, funny moments, and moments they would love to hate as Gina Prince-Bythewood talks about Benji the movie. The Movies That Made Me provides a luxurious information pool for movies you are familiar with and some you have never watched but will clearly.

2. You Must Remember This

The scandals, forgotten histories, and secrets that the film industry carries are what You Must remember this brings to the table. Karina Longworth’s research is meticulous, and her narration is captivating as she unravels history to discover and bring to life forgotten stories in the 1-hour episodes. Her recent season Diving into the controversies of the 1946 Song of the South animation film is quite informative.

3. How Did This Get Made

Have you ever wondered how some really terrible but equally must-watch movies got to our screens? How Did This Get Me hilariously explores how some of the cinematic debacles came to be. The trio, Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael arouse delight in their critic of plots of some terrible films their funny commentary doesn’t come off as discriminating. Instead, they string us along into their undeniable love of movies and get us to laugh together.

4. The Rewatchables

What exactly made the Karate Kid or Bad Boys a movie to watch on repeat? Bill Simmons and a series of hosts comically break down each film and the scenes that got viewers hitting the rewind button continuously on the Rewatchables. The co-hosts take the audience into the joys of revisiting a favorite movie, and the sports coverage background that these hosts have keeps that conversation chatty and full of laughter.

5. Represent

For conversations around inclusion in the filmmaking industry, Represent, hosted by Aisha Harris, directly engages the players that shape representation in the entertainment industry. This podcast makes it to the list of Best Movie Podcasts by an interview-based approach with directors, performers, editors, and all who take part in recognizing the need for inclusion.

6. Unspooled

This podcast is hosted by Paul Scheer from How Did This Get Made with the assistance of Amy Nicholson. It is a deep dive into discovering the world’s most celebrated film classics and what made them special. Combining the witty and funny chatter of Scheer with Nicholson’s inquisitive and critical mind, unspooled is for those who want to know everything.