I listened to Adam Carolla talk about his appearance on Chelsea Lately on his show. And he was neither here nor there about the visit. What amuses me is the artificial drama drummed up after the fact. Seriously, there’s nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Handler references, and airs, a clip where Carolla dismisses female talk show hosts, specifically in the late night arena. Handler took umbrage, possibly genuinely, with his statement and called him a “f****ing idiot.” Nothing new here for either celebrity.

Here’s how Carolla responded: “”Ellen is not currently doing a late-night show, so they wanna know who is currently not doing a late-night show that could be doing a late night show.. if i just said [David Letterman] …it would be confusing, right?”

And that was that. Just a couple of big talkers going through the motions. Let’s not make a thing out of it. Which I guess is what I’m doing by writing about it. My bad.