With the emergence of new TV brands in the market, settling for the right TV set is not an easy task. Many brands in the market are that are launched almost daily. The best model of a TV set today can turn out to be obsolete in 2 months. So, what do you have to factor when looking out for the best TVs? Herein is a discussion on what you ought to look at when buying a TV.

1. Look at The Screen Resolution

The resolution of the TV set is one of the critical factors that you need to look at when buying your TV set. Screen resolution describes the sharpness of images on the screen you are looking to buy. You can determine the quality of a TV resolution by looking at the number of pixels. A higher number of pixels denote a more top quality of pictures on the TV screen.

In the yesteryear, most TV sets in the market were full HD which means high definition and had 1920*1080 resolution. They have been common until recently when TV manufacturers have made a shift to 4K (Ultra HD TV sets). The 4K denotes a higher screen pixel actually four times higher than the HD TV sets. And soon manufacturers will be shifting to 8K TV sets which quadruple the 4K resolution TV.
The best TVs have a 4K screen resolution. It would be best if you did not settle for anything less than 4K TV resolution.

2. Consider the size of the TV

The size of an ideal TV set will largely depend on where you are going to place the TV set. Kitchen and bedroom TVs are small than what you can put in your living room. When buying a TV set for your sitting room, you need to consider how close you to the TV. The distance that you sit form the TV will affect the clarity of images on the screen.

A significant number of TV manufacturers are moving toward making quality TV sets that are big. For the best picture quality regardless of where you sit in your sitting room or bedroom, go for a TV set of not less than 40-inches. Most 4K resolution and 4K TV starts from this size and above.

3. Go for a Smart TV Set

When looking for a TV set for entertainment, go for the smart option. Smart TV’s are new and also seems to be the future of our TV sets. Gone are the days when you would stream your favourite series from your computer or tablet. You can now stream your favorite content on a TV.

With a smart TV, you don’t need to worry about your cabled TV service provider or satellite. Save on the cost of buying an aerial for your TV by going for the smart TV option. With a smart TV, you can stream all your favourite TV shows, and premier shows from the comfort of your sitting room. They are readily available and at an affordable price.