Katie LevineKatie Levine has played an integral role in some of YOUR favorite podcasts. She worked behind the scenes at ACE Broadcasting, now Carolla Digital, during the Goliath’s formative years. She saw it grow from a solitary show to a revenue-generating heavyweight.

Currently a producer for the Nerdist Podcast Network, and co-host of Save it for Air, a bi-weekly show she does with Logan Moy, Levine is in the vortex of the podcast boom. She graciously answered a few questions for me last week.

  • First things first: Is it a love of radio, comedy, broadcasting, Hollywood, or all of the above, that brought you to production?

It was a love of comedy and Hollywood that brought me into production. I have always loved comedy and when I was 10 years old I became obsessed with Saturday Night Live. I said “I wanna be a producer on that show”. I didn’t know what a producer did, but I’m Jewish so I guess it was instinctive. I then went to school for film and television production. I took every class possible because I thought to be the best producer, I needed to know how all the steps on the entertainment industry work.

  • Great to see another “Save it for Air” in the cue. Tell me about your history with Logan, and why you think your dynamic is such good cast? Also, why the hiatus?

Logan and I met at Carolla. We started doing a podcast that was pretty much behind the scenes stuff at Carolla called The Fudge Factory. We would answer emails and tweets from fans and tell funny behind the scene stories. When I left, we wanted to keep doing a podcast so we changed the name to Save It For Air and the format to a free-form podcast. I think our dynamic is good because Logan and I are good friends and have known each other for awhile. We also both still listen and work in podcasting so we are knowledgeable in the field. Also I’m way cooler than Logan. We took a hiatus because we both have very conflicting schedules and it was hard to find the time to meet up and record. But now we are making an effort to get a show out every two weeks.

  • What do you think podcasts communicate that terrestrial radio has not been able to?

Podcasts are much more intimate. The hosts are for the most part uncensored and able to get much deeper into conversations. Also, it is a longer format that is not broken up by advertising. This allows an unbroken conversation where the listener is really able to relate to the hosts and guests.  It feels like you are listening in on a conversation you are maybe not supposed to be hearing.

  • What are you most proud of?

I am proud of all the shows I work on. I don’t have favorites. But I love the way You Made It Weird blew up. It’s a great podcast and the response has been unbelievable. I also love that we have a podcast hosted by a 10 year old (The Mutant Season). It is hilarious and fascinating to see a kid interview adults. And I am extremely excited about a new one called The K Hole with Kurt Braunohler. It is a multi-platform podcast that I’m sure will be fun and entertaining.

  • Do you think podcasting will eventually become an accepted advertising platform? What’s it going to take?

I think more advertisers are going to see podcasting as a viable source soon. Even since I started, more and more advertisers have come on board. It’s a great way to advertise because it caters to a very loyal audience who wants to help out. And you are able to pinpoint exactly who you are advertising to.

You can follow Katie on Twitter @kt_money