Let’s stop saying the word “hipster.” Do we really need to condescend to, or even remark on the existence of people we suspect fall under this classification. The throwback frames, the suspenders, the unsigned bands, the “alt comics,” whatever accouterments Urban Outfitters is pushing this week, and of course the unrelenting skinny jean. We’ll be OK if we let these things cycle out sans our commentary. I promise. Let’s just talk about the quality of the content. Sound good?


(from left) James Levy and Har Mar Superstar

That brings me to Nocturnal Emotions, hosted by musician Har Mar Superstar (ne Sean Tillman). This is one of the newer additions to the growing family of Earwolf podcasts. It could easily be lumped into the aforementioned classification (see photo). But to do so would be writing off a decent piece of podcasting.

First, let’s start with the bumper music: completely solid. It reeks of Motown and late ’80s R&B with a dash of the rock and the roll–very satisfying. Dude is a showman with some legit chops. Just take a peak at the video below.

In Har Mar, we find a guy who clearly gets around. There’s no real arch to the show, nor does there need to be. In episode 40, he chats with friend and local musician, James Levy, who, though a lackluster guest, seems to get the host’s unique perspective and empathizes with his eccentricities. They talk Turkish Baths; they talk music, they meander, and they zig when you expect them to zag.

Har Mar cusses with such non-nonchalant descriptiveness, you barely notice it. And though the show is aimless, your senses light up when you listen. You can feel the heat in his barely air-conditioned apartment and smell the bong water and nicotine. I don’t know if there’s a sound for “shirtless podcasting,” but if there was, I can’t imagine it would sound much different from this. He records these things in the wee hours of the morning, and they have a certain 3 AM quality which pleasantly contrast some of his Earwolf contemporaries.

Good things are going on with Har Mar Superstar. Hop on board. You’ll thank me.