To my knowledge, Sklarbro Country is the only successful comedy podcast hosted by identical twins. Randy and Jason Sklar, the line-tagging hosts of this weekly Earwolf podcast, have clearly cornered that market. There’s a ton of sports, some great guests, and LOTS of sentence finishing.

As the first show (excluding Aukerman’s flagship) on the Earwolf roster, SC has built up two-plus years and 160 episodes of quality content. It’s a sports show, but it’s not necessarily for sports fans; the stories range from anecdotal to truly bizarre. There’s a revolving cast of impersonated celebrities: Tiger Woods, Sam Elliot, and I’d be remiss not to mention “Racist Vin Scully” — all performed by voice actor Chris Cox.

On episode 160, they started things off with some Jose Canseco bashing, more specifically his contribution to Air Force: Gator II. (He wrote the forward) — a bit perfectly dissected and tagged with a Manute Bol zinger.


Comedy screenwriter extraordinaire Adam McKay stopped by the “calming shores” of Sklarbro Country to tease his Anchorman sequel and crack wise. Following the show’s sometimes theme, the guys only briefly touched on the guest’s professional career (Second City, Saturday Night Live, Upright Citizens Brigade, not to mention his film career) and spent most of their time on sports.

This show’s not for everyone. It’s rapid pace and esoteric subject matter can be difficult to digest. The jokes come fast and in stereo, and the guests too often succumb to the Sklar vibe, only to up the show’s jaggedness.

All that aside, these guys are solid talkers, and they seem to know a little about everything. And they have great taste in music. Lots of very listenable new bands.

The verdict: Good stuff in smaller doses. Henderson!