The Gentlemint Podcast is a new weekly show dedicated to “the manly issues” featured on the Gentlemint website. The show is hosted by the Gentlemint founders, Brian McKinney and Glen Stansberry. Gentlemint, the website, purports to be a place where men can share “manly links.” But it’s effectively just a nicely packaged online internet gab fest.

Podcasts are already “a manly” endeavor. I can show you my analytics demographic data. Ladies are not big fans of the medium. In fact, odds are if you’re reading this, you’re probably a white or hispanic male 25 to 44 years of age. Podcasts have a pretty specific demo, so these guys are catering to the right crowd, but kind of redundant from a framing perspective.

I stumbled upon Gentlemint right around episode 12, so we’ll start there. They cover a few things most of us with day jobs have discussed at length at the office, namely 50 Cent’s amazing pitch at a Pirates-Mets game. The discussion was funnyish. They digressed into the awesomeness of Bill Murray following his appearance at yet another stranger’s wedding.

You’ve heard it before I’m sure. The show’s fine, and the hosts are funny. The subject matter just feels heavily trodden. They’re probably avoiding obscure subject matter to broaden their listenership, but I would’ve been much more impressed if they’d delved into some weirder stuff. Most of the stuff they talked about had been in my Facebook feed for a few days by the time I listened. This list was pretty mind blowing though.