“POSITIVE ENERGY! Yes!” That tagline has played a major role in Brody Stevens’ standup career. It’s manic and punctuated, not unlike the comic who created it.

In episode 54.5, Stevens reflects on his new Comedy Central series, Brody Stevens: Enjoy it!

“Words are thoughts. Thoughts are things. ‘They seemed to like it.’ That’s something I would say,” Stevens says to a another cast member via phone during his characteristically un-funny podcast (pictured). But it is funny. Very funny. I just can’t figure out why.


Funny in that Stevens is a master of getting real serious real fast, and squirming through exhausting psychoanalysis and awkward diatribes about his own mental health. He’s almost too good at grinding the dialogue to a halt with his own neurosis. In a recent appearance on Who Charted?, Stevens revealed a longtime phobia he’s had about his eyebrows. There was closure.

His podcast, The Steven Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship, is an examination of the many things that led to his now-famous breakdown, forever archived in a 24-plus-hour rant on Twitter. He’s hilarious, combative at times, and unhinged… like a fox. Take a listen. Note: the Comedy Central Show is amazing.