First, I’d like to apologize to the search engine gods for the limited content and inconsistency with which I’ve been publishing lately. Blame it on the holidays? Anyway…

With the recent announcement of Marc Maron’s latest get, Will Ferrel, I harkened back to a little interview he did with Splitsider in 2011. In it, he ran through his wish list of guests:


Well, he got Jonah Hill, and I think he had Fallon on, but I was surprised the man Maron deemed “the funniest man alive” hadn’t dropped by — especially after his Nerdist appearance in August. I was also surprised Maron’s Ferrel episode didn’t drop right after he announced it last week.

But Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues  doesn’t hit theaters until December 28, 2013. So my guess would’ve been this much-anticipated show would find its way onto my iPhone Monday, December 16.  But Twitter disagrees:

WTF Will Ferrell Twitter

Whenever it comes out I will make myself unavailable and listen. But I wonder if Ferrell will maintain the improbably chill demeanor he brought to Nerdist. I’m game whatever the vibe may be.