David Allen Greer; it’s been a few months since he graced the hallowed halls of Carolla Digital, but he more than made up for downtime with this episode. Listening to DAG on the Adam Carolla Show is an investment. You really have to commit. You can’t fade these. DAG is nothing if not demanding of your attention, and this episode specifically will burn out your pleasure sensors for a good week.

dag on the carolla show

“It’s a very solemn day, we lost a sister,” DAG says at one point. He was of course referring to Maya Angelou, a person he’s done an impression of for years. You may remember his Butter Finger spot as done by the famous poet laureate years ago. He rewarded fans of this bit with a quick revisitation. Here’s a little taste of the impression, a routine he’ll probably put to bed given her death:


Alison covers Angelou’s passing in her news segment, and DAG contributes some impressive trivia to the dialogue. He was reverent and appropriate given his awkward disposition surrounding the subject matter.

Carolla, having completed filming his movie, Road Hard, briefly revisited some of DAG’s antics on set, but mostly, we got a lot of what he does best: blue asides and uproarious role playing (often done at the sponsor’s expense).

The Teddy Pendergrass routine is put on hold until the end of the episode, and that works out well. Carolla tries his hand at Teddy P. in a pretty amazing deadpan.

DAG  does “put a little dookie” on Karen Capenter’s “We’ve Only Just Begun,” but I think I’m over the singing. It’s the new talking Teddy that really steals the show. So effing funny. He, by design, becomes distracted by Alison’s beauty, and where he goes, had me laughing out loud at my desk.