If you have an Apple product, I’m sure you’ve caught wind of their new operating system. iOS 7 promises to improve upon its sometimes clunky current OS. I don’t know about you, but I get nervous every time Apple rolls out a new update. You hear horror stories ranging from lost pictures and processing lags to complete system shut downs.

And for podcast listeners not yet divorced from Apple’s native podcast app through iTunes, be prepared to update that as well to version 11.1. Aside from the headaches associated with Apple’s never ending quest to improve its software, this new update does have a few goodies for the podcast enthusiast.


Let’s start with iTunes Radio. If you have a Mac, you can now access it in the music section of your toolbar. You can create your own stations on any iOS 7 device. You don’t have to listen to anything you don’t completely love. Long live fragmentation.

Why Does This Matter to Podcast Obsessives?

Apple is finally paying attention to the needs of Podcast fans. They’re claiming to have made improvements to their long-suffering podcast platform. It really comes down to syncing. You can now sync your subscription synced between all your devices operating on iOS 7. A perk some of the more popular apps like Downcast don’t offer.

Refreshing to check for new episodes is going to be easier too it seems. They added a bigger button. Hooray? The one thing that sounds like it may actually be a genuine improvement is the My Station feature; you can create playlists of your favorite podcasts.

The “My Stations” feature lets you create custom playlists.  You get to pick what podcasts you listen to, in a specific order. And the feature syncs up in the cloud, so you can go from your desk to your car and pick up where you left off.

I’m skeptical about the functionality, but that’s me, a big fat annoying skeptic. We’ll see if this fella can compete with some of the more robust platforms hitting the market.