Let’s talk about the photo below before we get into the review of TFV’s “Summer Preview 2014.” I couldn’t not put it up. Yes, it’s crass, and the quality straddles the fence between “Savage” Steve Holland interstitial and Brenda Starr, but there’s something on the nose (in a good way) about this little sketch that speaks volumes about the relationship between Anderson Cowan and Bryan Bishop and their audience. Whether it’s producer Logan Moy’s respect for the fans that keeps this show afloat or a genuine need for outside creative, there’s always something on the website and the actual show that a fan has made.

Film Vault Muppets

Whether it’s the Amazon read, the theme music, or the listener top 5, the fans really are a big part of this podcast; that may be one of the reasons I like it so much. And just look at Bryan’s nipples. Someone really went the extra mile with those beauties.

This episode has been a favorite of mine since the show’s inception–it gives me a snapshot of what I can expect in film over the next eight months or so. Because there’s no way I’m going to watch all of these in the theaters over the summer. Lots of Netflix rentals for this guy.

The List–Warning: Spoilers

In “flickfessions,” there was a lot of discussion about Darren Aronofsky’s Noah.
Bryan hated it, and Anderson thought it had some redeeming qualities.

Bryan didn’t step outside of  his comfort zone too much in his list. There was a Transformers movie and a Sin City sequel, so nothing new there. Anderson was equally as excited about a couple of movies I had never heard of: Guardians of the Galaxy and Edge of Tomorrow, both of which looked far better than anything Bryan mentioned. Not to say his list was bad; it just felt perfunctory. Come on with the Transformers stuff, man.

The ads are starting to get some negative feedback on the show’s comment boards, but I work in digital media, and I’m completely sympathetic to someone wanting to monetize a project they’ve put a lot of effort into. People obsessed with getting everything on the internet for free piss me off more than the ads do. Good episode though–gonna be a good summer for sci-fi blockbusters.