The Windows Phone has had some kind of native podcast utility on its OS for a bit now, but those days are over it seems. It looks like Microsoft is launching a new remote app that promises “a richer experience” than the native one did.

Windows podcast app

With developer previews popping up all over the web, the Windows Phone 8.1 is touting its many capabilities. And the podcast app, which you can buy from the Windows Phone Store, is supposed to really “user friendly.” It has playback speed control, and other “new features.” Picking up on that sarcasm?

Honestly, I can’t recommend this one. Too little too late. Sure, you’ll have more features than the old native configuration had, but this thing is still light years behind most of the more robust third party apps like Stitcher and Instacast.

Sometimes, better late than never, is not an applicable idiom.